For informal inquiries and fun, tweet us @MindcrackLP and/or join the community at members contact [email protected].

For business inquiries contact us at [email protected].

Below is a list of formal inquiries we specifically encourage:


While each Mindcracker is autonomous and may be reached individually, Mindcrack is happy to help ensure your press agency can reach each member. We are also willing to work out group and individual interviews for your site or publication.


Mindcrack has been featured at several conventions to astounding response. Mindcrack panels from Minecon 2012 and 2013 were filled to capacity, and the livestreams reported higher viewer numbers than any other panel. Appearances at other events have gotten similar acclaim, and we enjoy the opportunity to reach out to our fans and supporters. Please contact us with any appearance requests you might have, and we will be happy to reply with our requirements for attendance.

Game Developers

The power of social video to promote individual games is indisputable. Why not provide an opportunity for millions of Mindcrack fans to see your game in action? Our "Let's Play" videos reach a tremendous audience, and previous games we've had early access to got a strong response. Over 30,000 people used the Mindcrack promo code on the first week of release for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. If you are interested in providing us with early access codes and licensing permission to feature your game in videos on the channels of the Mindcrack players, we welcome you to contact us.